"hey baby girl"

*i think my heart just melted :”“”>



Aries: Assertive

You’ll come right out and say what you want — and with the right guy, it’s a turn-on. Play your opposite every once in a while, too. Stay feminine and keep him guessing.

Taurus: Sensual.
You’ll appeal to all his senses at once. When you get all turned out, you’ll look touchable, smell divine and you’ll shimmer, too. You’ll understand that your presence is something special.

Gemini: Smart.
You have a little bit of knowledge on a lot of topics — enough to get the conversational ball rolling in an exciting direction. With you, the witty and casual flirting clicks in almost immediately.

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I’m a CAPRICORN & he’s a LEO

Monday, July 30, 2012


“Thank you for all your support, your prayers, cards, messages, emails, just checking up on me. I appreciate everything.” - Derrick Rose (x)

my baby. :”>

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